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My week at Tantrwm – by Jack

A week in the life of a work placement! Tantrwm work placement blog. This week I had the pleasure to undertake work placement with ‘Tantrwm’. I had always thought that media company’s were about pointing a camera at something and pressing record, but this week my entire perception of what they were was changed when...

We still build and host websites

Tantrwm build websites Tantrwm design, build, advise and host. There are plenty of web design companies out there all clambering for the chance to develop your website. We no longer advertise this element of our business even though we still build and host around 40 sites per year. Why don't we advertise? We have a...

Tantrwm – Portrait vs Landscape

Tantrwm - Portrait vs Landscape Tantrwm ponder Portrait vs Landscape Why does Portrait vs Landscape matter? The advice for shooting great video on a mobile phone has always been 'to hold your phone sideways'. But times and tastes change! The BBC's current affairs app promotes and enables portrait video, easier captioning and lets users swipe...