Prepping for Live Streaming Video at IATEFL 2016

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Spring is in the air. The sun is returning, the flowers are starting to bloom and at Tantrwm we are 'all hands on deck' getting ready for the live stream production that is the British Council IATEFL conference. Each and every year that Tantrwm have worked on the conference we take things up a gear in terms of kit and quality. The event video team will broadcast three simultaneous live video streams, all of them in full HD. Our live stream experts will make the most of our Black Magic HD studio system to create a temporary TV studio in the Birmingham ICC. This studio will be kitted out with a robotic dolly, full lighting rig, and four remote HD cameras with pan/tilt action. This...

Live Stream Special Offer APRIL 2016

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Live Stream you event with Tantrwm! Throughout April 2016 we are offering FREE Video Recording and Live Stream for up to two breakout rooms for every plenary / keynote session booked. This means that the breakout sessions / seminars will be FREE OF CHARGE, enabling you to extend your event’s live coverage without any extra costs. Tantrwm have been live streaming events for over 10 years so have oodles of knowledge and experience in what to expect and what's required. We know that every organisation's needs is as different as the event they have planned, that's why we ensure we ascertain a client brief for every project. Contact us now to reserve this offer. Limited availability.

Tantrwm – cool new tech and projects

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We're always looking for an excuse to use our new and exciting tech At Tantrwm, we love our local community! We're always excited to get a chance to highlight some of the amazing talent that can be found nestling in the Valleys of South Wales. That's why Tantrwm are never too busy to just go out there, film the action and shout about it! Kai Easter is a great example of this talent. At just ten years old, Kai has already spent years training and honing his skills as a street dancer. Last year he won best dancer at the National Urdd Eisteddfod. We're sure we'll be seeing more of Kai at local and national events as he develops his talent even further. Tantrwm have just...

Live Stream Special Offer MARCH 2016

Video Production Wales UK Web Design Aberdare Live Streaming Webcasting FIlm Making
We are exceeding expectations in March 2016 by offering this astonishing Live Streaming deal! Book three or more days of Live Streaming and you will receive a FREE day’s filming with our Creative Video team, who will help you produce A YEAR’S WORTH of Social Media videos in ONE DAY. Don’t let this amazing Live Stream offer pass you by, contact us now to book this deal and boost your company’s on-line presence!

What is Live Streaming?

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What is Live Streaming? It seems that here at Tantrwm, we're not the only ones who use Live Streaming as a fantastic marketing tool for our clients. In the US it is reported that 51% of small organisations choose live streaming as their main method of marketing! If you're an owner of a small business, you will know full well that marketing budgets are extremely limited, if not non-existent! So if over half of small businesses in America are using this amazing tool to increase sales, then maybe more small companies in the UK should be giving it a go too. If you're thinking of running a competition to boost sales, then all your entrants can live stream the announcement of the winner! Plus, you...

Live Stream Special Offer FEBRUARY 2016

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During February 2016 we are offering a very special deal for all our Live Streaming packages. Book more than one day and you will qualify for some amazing savings. Book 2 days filming, and you will get 20% off the total price Book 3 days filming, and you will get 30% off the total price Book 4 days filming, and you will get 40% off the total price Book 5 days filming, and you will get 50% off the total price Simple. Call on 01685 876700 or email us to take advantage of this offer. Reach out globally at a heavily discounted price.

What is Live Streaming?

VideoProductionWalesUKWebDesignAberdareLiveStreamingWebcastingFIlmMaking What is live streaming
If you want to see what we can do for your event, please get in touch. What is Live Streaming? We talk a lot about Live Streaming, but for the uninitiated here is a quick run down of what it is. Live Streaming is broadcasting video online in real-time, just like live TV. It's a great opportunity for events, that do not get traditional broadcast coverage to reach fans across the world - perfect for sports, live theatre, conferences, competitions, music festivals and even weddings... In fact, even rain filling a jug of water! All our streaming is in HD and can cover your event from multiple camera angles all edited live and streamed instantly for the world to see.

Who needs branding?

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Who needs branding Lots of small businesses think that branding is something that is just for big companies like Coca-Cola. Wrong. Branding is just as important for a small company. It is your chance to make a good first impression, maintain a professional image and get people to think of you before they think of your competitors. And the good news is, it doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. It just takes a bit of thought. To find out how we can help with your branding, please get in touch. [chimpy_form forms="2"]

Periscope Vs Meerkat. Who is streaming with who?

TantrwmLiveStreamingWalesPeriscope vs Meerkat
In the last few months  we have witnessed a sort of ‘Battle Royal’ unfolding in the streaming Twitterverse, with plenty of surprises. This blow-by-blow, Game of Thrones-esque skirmish sees two of the hottest tickets currently up in the Cloud, Twitter’s own Periscope and its arch-nemesis, Meerkat. These ground breaking apps are now available both on iOS and Android, and both allow Live Streaming of video and audio content to be shared globally on Twitter - all by using your mobile phone! Here are what we feel are the key differences between the two apps.  We hope it helps you choose which one to go for! Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference, but we believe that Periscope will, before our "tweety" eyes, turn out...

Live Stream Special Offer SEPTEMBER 2015

Video Production Wales UK Web Design Aberdare Live Streaming Webcasting FIlm Making

[content_block bg_image=”” max_bg_width=”yes” bg_fixed=”no” bg_position=”center top” bg_repeat=”repeat-x” bg_size=”auto” parallax_scroll=”no” bg_color=”#969696″ content_padding=”220px 0″ font_color=”#FFFFFF” class=”class-name”][/content_block] [one_half]     For every Live Streaming booking made in September 2015 (comprising of two or more days) we will produce a FREE bespoke promo ‘vox-pop’ video of the event. The promo video will feature your company logo and brand message (worth up to £1000) and we can even upload it to your Youtube channel for you. Contact us for details or to make a booking, this offer is available for a limited time only. [/one_half][one_half_last] [chimpy_form forms=”3″] [/one_half_last] [divider] [content_block bg_image=”” max_bg_width=”yes” bg_fixed=”no” bg_position=”center top” bg_repeat=”no” bg_size=”auto” parallax_scroll=”no” bg_color=”#2BB33A” content_padding=”0″ font_color=”#FFFFFF” class=”class-name”][/content_block]

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