Video case studies of dynamic jobs in the food and drink industry

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Careers Wales trusted Tantrwm to make 18 bi-lingual films. Video case studies, on exciting and dynamic jobs in the food and drink industry Careers Wales commissioned Tantrwm to produce a series of video case studies promoting and portraying the food and drink industry as vibrant and rewarding. Research had revealed that the public did not see jobs in this field as attractive long term careers with challenging opportunities and so we set to work to help change perceptions! The films were split into four groups based on the Skills Sectors Councils within the Food and Drink industry and Tantrwm travelled the length and breadth of Wales creating 18 films, each one featuring a different job.  From a fish farmer working on the tip of Anglesey...

Live-streaming to help children with Welsh Rugby’s finest.

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Helping children with Welsh Rugby’s finest. Jamie Roberts and Adam Jones are dab hands on a rugby field,  however, they are not so hot in the kitchen! Despite this, they both took part in the Maldron Hotels charity fund-raiser, Celebrity Chef’s night. Tantrwm  live-streamed their antics to show the diners just how challenging these great sports stars found life in the kitchen. The comedy chaos of the kitchen was streamed live to the dining room so the punters could watch their meals being prepared. These events are great fun but they have a more serious side too. In this case, they raised money for children’s charity Ty Hafan. Tantrwm’s live-streaming service is perfect for charity events like this, as it enables the fund-raiser to reach…

Mobile app helping taxi drivers improve their service.


Helping taxi drivers improve their service, through education.  [one_half]  People 1st has extensive knowledge of the tourism sector and were able to identify a need to improve the level of service offered by Taxi drivers They recognised the need and wanted to  help drivers with knowledge and enable them to obtain  new standards and a qualification. Tantrwm developed a mobile app that distils all nine modules of the training course into ninety minutes of fun and engaging video content. Learners can study at their own pace and test their knowledge with interactive quizzes. Our client had a very tight deadline to have a pilot module completed in order to secure the necessary funds to fully complete the project. Well, Tantrwm have never been known to…

An app that makes the hospitality industry greener

People 1st a skills agency for the hospitality industry, recognised the high cost of waste in different establishments. In their efforts to service clients they were looking for a new way to educate front-line employees such as bar staff, to recognise how waste impacts the whole business. Together with Tantrwm, they created "Think 1st" an ingenious app that helps the hospitality industry drive down waste and improve profit margins. By giving  front-line staff a different perspective on  business it allows them to participate and contribute to reducing costs of operation. The app places staff in the role of an hotel inspector tasked with visiting different businesses and identifying ways to reduce waste. Using innovative interactive videos, the player is given a guided tour of a...

Establishing a new political leader with broadcast and online video

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We were delighted to work with Leanne Wood when she first became leader of Plaid Cymru (the name translates as “Party of Wales”) producing the first Party Political Broadcast of her tenure. Tantrwm worked closely with her communications team and were instrumental in deciding that what was needed was something that presented Leanne as an honest person, standing up for what she believes and for the people in her community. Creatively, this meant stripping everything back to what is important; her and her message. Technically, however, this was actually a very tech-heavy shoot. We wanted to have the whole video be shot in one take, as a way of being transparent with the viewer, no editing, no trickery. So we used a robotic-slider, so that…

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