Building a strong brand

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Empower Bodybuilding Empower Bodybuilding is a great organisation with plenty going for them. Real expertise, a great team and a clear vision for where they want to go. At the time of contact with Tantrwm they had a desire to build their brand so that more people knew who they were. Together the teams of Tantrwm and Empower began to build the on-line presence, by creating a comprehensive website that is easily up datable. This allows them to add quality content at any time giving the latest and freshest expertise to the world. Tantrwm provided the training and on-going technical support to Empower staff, which leads to the content on their site being posted whenever they need to. Now they have a library of great…

Online videos that help people across the world to improve their English

Video Production Wales UK Web Design Aberdare Live Streaming Webcasting Film Making EnglishGame

The British Council and IATEFL were looking for new and interesting ways of using video to help people improve their English. We made some great online videos for them which were fun and educational. Tantrwm created three series of fun and engaging comedy sketches, each carefully written to help develop the viewers command of the language. To do this we teamed script writers up with linguists and IATEFL teachers to ensure that the videos were fun and educational. Elementary Pathways saw green screens used to put the characters into cartoon worlds and cartoon thought bubbles help the viewer understand what the characters are talking about. The English Game series was produced in collaboration with the football Premier League and saw two learners compete to complete…

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