Last night a DJ Saved my life

Tantrwm are incredibly lucky to work with a variety of different people in various industries, big and small. This DJ project was completely different to anything we'd done before. We were approached by local DJ, Martyn Bird, who wanted a website for his disco hire business, Obsession Entertainment, that would clearly show what he had to offer for people looking to put on an event that their guests would remember forever. Obsession Entertainment not only provides DJ services but also transforms the plainest of venues with clever, exciting eye-catching lighting, flooring to create a separate dance space, and other large scale decorations that make weddings and parties stand out from the rest with a real wow-factor. Tantrwm had first hand experience of the brilliant work Martyn...

Working with the British Council

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Take a look at some of our work for the British Council Over the years, Tantrwm has provided a number of services for the good people at British Council. For the last 8 years, Tantrwm has live-streamed British Council's flagship IATEFL conference. This year, Tantrwm broadcast three live HD video streams simultaneously, and every year we take things up a gear in terms of technology, kit and quality. The British Council and IATEFL were also looking for new and interesting ways of using video to help people improve their English. By working closely with the organisations, we made some great online videos for them which are fun, engaging but most importantly, informative. These videos are now used by 100s of teachers across the world and have had over...

Not so social with your media? Fear not…

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At Tantrwm, we understand the importance of utilising social media as a way of communicating with our customers and keeping our online followers updated, cheaply and effectively. We offer online marketing solutions for many different businesses. If you're used to the old school methods of marketing and are flummoxed by social media terminology, we explain things very clearly. Ultimately, we will take your brief of where you need your organisation to be and by using your website, Facebook, Twitter etc, we will give you the best online exposure possible. Getting your business at the top of the page within search engines is a great way of increasing traffic to your website and social media channels. We work with you to find your unique selling points,...

Tantrwm – cool new tech and projects

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We're always looking for an excuse to use our new and exciting tech At Tantrwm, we love our local community! We're always excited to get a chance to highlight some of the amazing talent that can be found nestling in the Valleys of South Wales. That's why Tantrwm are never too busy to just go out there, film the action and shout about it! Kai Easter is a great example of this talent. At just ten years old, Kai has already spent years training and honing his skills as a street dancer. Last year he won best dancer at the National Urdd Eisteddfod. We're sure we'll be seeing more of Kai at local and national events as he develops his talent even further. Tantrwm have just...

Logos – start on paper

Computeraregreat.Welovethem.Butwhenyouarefirstworkingonanideaforalogo,itpaystostartofflow fi.Usingapenandpaperwillallowyoutoconcentrateonyourideaandnotgetdistractedbydropshadowsorfancyeffects.Onceyouhaveyourideadevelopeddraftitonacomputerandtakeitfromthere!
Computers are great. We love them. But when you are first working on an idea for a logo, it pays to go low-fi - start on paper. Using a pen and paper will allow you to concentrate on your idea and not get distracted by drop shadows or fancy effects. Once you have your idea developed, draft it on a computer and take it from there! To find out how we can help with logos, please get in touch.

Take messages like a boss

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Take messages like a boss! When you take a message over the phone don't just take a name and number. Find out what the call is about. Why? A) You might be able to deal with it there and then, which is a much better service than making the customer wait for a call back. B) Even if you can't deal with it yourself, it'll speed things up for the person who ends up dealing with it. Simples. If you would like to know more about running a small business, please get in touch.

What is Live Streaming?

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What is Live Streaming? It seems that here at Tantrwm, we're not the only ones who use Live Streaming as a fantastic marketing tool for our clients. In the US it is reported that 51% of small organisations choose live streaming as their main method of marketing! If you're an owner of a small business, you will know full well that marketing budgets are extremely limited, if not non-existent! So if over half of small businesses in America are using this amazing tool to increase sales, then maybe more small companies in the UK should be giving it a go too. If you're thinking of running a competition to boost sales, then all your entrants can live stream the announcement of the winner! Plus, you...

Live Stream Special Offer FEBRUARY 2016

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During February 2016 we are offering a very special deal for all our Live Streaming packages. Book more than one day and you will qualify for some amazing savings. Book 2 days filming, and you will get 20% off the total price Book 3 days filming, and you will get 30% off the total price Book 4 days filming, and you will get 40% off the total price Book 5 days filming, and you will get 50% off the total price Simple. Call on 01685 876700 or email us to take advantage of this offer. Reach out globally at a heavily discounted price.

What is Live Streaming?

VideoProductionWalesUKWebDesignAberdareLiveStreamingWebcastingFIlmMaking What is live streaming
If you want to see what we can do for your event, please get in touch. What is Live Streaming? We talk a lot about Live Streaming, but for the uninitiated here is a quick run down of what it is. Live Streaming is broadcasting video online in real-time, just like live TV. It's a great opportunity for events, that do not get traditional broadcast coverage to reach fans across the world - perfect for sports, live theatre, conferences, competitions, music festivals and even weddings... In fact, even rain filling a jug of water! All our streaming is in HD and can cover your event from multiple camera angles all edited live and streamed instantly for the world to see.