Working with Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood

Tantrwm Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood Filming Video Productionleannewood
Tantrwm have been lucky enough over the past few years to work with some very special people, one of which was very recent: Leanne Wood. Tantrwm had the pleasure of meeting and working with the leader of Plaid Cymru, Leanne Wood. We were asked to produce two short informational videos showing Leanne Wood and her party's position on the EU Referendum that would then be shared onto her social media. The video was a request at very short notice, and Tantrwm were able to deliver a strong video in a short space of time. Working with Leanne Wood was an absolute pleasure. The videos are now live, and although the referendum has already taken place, why not take a look at the videos we produced...

Important animated video for Barnardo’s

Amy's Story Barnardo's Charity Video for charities film production south wales aberdare video social media important
Tantrwm get the chance to work with many different organisations in a wide variety of projects. Every now and then, one comes along which is really special and rewarding. An example of this was ‘Amy’s Story’ the project we created with Barnardo's in 2015. This film was created to play a role in facilitating important conversations between young people, who are being taken into care, and specialist counsellors. The story follows a young girl who is experiencing a number of problems within her family and school life. At key moments in the story the film pauses and gives the young person the opportunity to discuss what they have seen and suggest coping strategies that the characters might use. Barnardo's were delighted with the sensitive and...

We try to keep our office tidy, honest

Tantrwm Video Production Tidy Office Local Business Wales Media
We try to keep our office tidy, really we do. But there are times, every now and then, when you might walk in and be confronted by what to the untrained eye, might seem to be a hodge-podge of cables, circuitry and monitors. Like so... This however will generally mean that we are testing out new combinations of our equipment. This is an incredibly important part of what we do here at Tantrwm and is a key to what makes geeks like us tick. Our livestreaming packages keep on evolving and we have to make 100% sure that we know the equipment we use inside out and back to front. This is what allows us to be confident when we are streaming your event live...

Tantrwm’s work with the National Library of Wales

Tantrwm National Museum Of Wales The Maps Video Production Camera Aberdare
The range of clients we have at Tantrwm always really astounds us. It means that no two days are alike. One of the projects that we have been working on lately has been especially enjoyable for us. Tantrwm's work with the National Library of Wales We will often go from doing social media videos for a local business to creating documentaries for BBC Wales in the space a single week. Tantrwm were asked to produce a series of videos for the National Library of Wales that showcase a project they are doing which explores The Maps of Wales. This meant that we were able to produce videos that focused on two of our passions. Firstly we got to explore the history of Wales through the...

Working with Mandy St John Davey

Mandy st john davey tantrwm video production assistance media film wales
It's always a real treat when we get to work with extraordinary people who have a great story to tell, people such as Mandy St John Davey. Mandy St John Davey is a property developer from Aberdare who has been working in the industry for over 15 years and has amassed a multi-million pound property portfolio, but she wasn't always this fortunate. Buying her first house in Trecynon for just £8,000 after growing up financially struggling, and after a series of different jobs and climbing up the industry ladder, Mandy decided to become a property developer, buying houses off-plan and then selling some on and renting others. In the first two years, she bought and sold 40 to 50 houses. Being an expert in property development,...

Creative Video Production – A Brief Introduction

brief tantrwm video production camera wales company
To quote Dylan Thomas, "To begin at the beginning" - The very first thing for you to do in a creative video production is obtain a client brief. Starting out with clear objectives means that we know exactly what your vision is. We can then turn your vision into reality! If specific requirements are not communicated, this can lead to more time and money being spent on a project. The most important thing to concentrate on in a brief is the key messages you want to get across in your film. Mapping these out clearly will enable us to make a coherent and interesting video, specifically tailored to your organisation's needs. You can decide upon the style of video you’re looking for, or ask us...

Prepping for Live Streaming Video at IATEFL 2016

Tantrwm iatefl british council live streaming wales video production aberdare media
Spring is in the air. The sun is returning, the flowers are starting to bloom and at Tantrwm we are 'all hands on deck' getting ready for the live stream production that is the British Council IATEFL conference. Each and every year that Tantrwm have worked on the conference we take things up a gear in terms of kit and quality. The event video team will broadcast three simultaneous live video streams, all of them in full HD. Our live stream experts will make the most of our Black Magic HD studio system to create a temporary TV studio in the Birmingham ICC. This studio will be kitted out with a robotic dolly, full lighting rig, and four remote HD cameras with pan/tilt action. This...

Tantrwm – cool new tech and projects

VideoProductionWalesUKWebDesignAberdareLiveStreamingWebcastingFIlmMaking kaikai
We're always looking for an excuse to use our new and exciting tech At Tantrwm, we love our local community! We're always excited to get a chance to highlight some of the amazing talent that can be found nestling in the Valleys of South Wales. That's why Tantrwm are never too busy to just go out there, film the action and shout about it! Kai Easter is a great example of this talent. At just ten years old, Kai has already spent years training and honing his skills as a street dancer. Last year he won best dancer at the National Urdd Eisteddfod. We're sure we'll be seeing more of Kai at local and national events as he develops his talent even further. Tantrwm have just...

Logos – start on paper

Computeraregreat.Welovethem.Butwhenyouarefirstworkingonanideaforalogo,itpaystostartofflow fi.Usingapenandpaperwillallowyoutoconcentrateonyourideaandnotgetdistractedbydropshadowsorfancyeffects.Onceyouhaveyourideadevelopeddraftitonacomputerandtakeitfromthere!
Computers are great. We love them. But when you are first working on an idea for a logo, it pays to go low-fi - start on paper. Using a pen and paper will allow you to concentrate on your idea and not get distracted by drop shadows or fancy effects. Once you have your idea developed, draft it on a computer and take it from there! To find out how we can help with logos, please get in touch.

Take messages like a boss

tantrwm small Business advice get in touch messages like a boss social media company
Take messages like a boss! When you take a message over the phone don't just take a name and number. Find out what the call is about. Why? A) You might be able to deal with it there and then, which is a much better service than making the customer wait for a call back. B) Even if you can't deal with it yourself, it'll speed things up for the person who ends up dealing with it. Simples. If you would like to know more about running a small business, please get in touch.
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