We still build and host websites

Tantrwm build websites Tantrwm design, build, advise and host. There are plenty of web design companies out there all clambering for the chance to develop your website. We no longer advertise this element of our business even though we still build and host around 40 sites per year. Why don't we advertise? We have a small team and can only commit to projects where clients know and understand what they require, and value of the team working for them. We focus on sites for specific purposes such as internal communications, pages for events, pages to host live streaming and e-learning websites. One of our latest projects was Sky Blue Lofts. We helped our client understand what he needed to do in order to feature for...

Tantrwm – Creative Director

Tantrwm - Creative Director, Stephen Hanks Meet Stephen, our creative director. They say that opposites attract. Well I guess that is the case with Creative Director, Stephen and myself. Stephen gets to the detail of a script or an idea, I paint the big picture. Stephen worries about the practicalities, I envisage the joyous end result. Stephen asks 'How are we going to do that?' and I say 'When are we doing it?'. I say lets buy that new helicopter drone and Stephen reminds me that we really need a lens repaired! It is great working with Stephen, a talented, creative, and diligent individual who devours books and loses himself in subjects from science to sport. Over the 10 years that we have known each...

Tantrwm – Portrait vs Landscape

Tantrwm - Portrait vs Landscape Tantrwm ponder Portrait vs Landscape Why does Portrait vs Landscape matter? The advice for shooting great video on a mobile phone has always been 'to hold your phone sideways'. But times and tastes change! The BBC's current affairs app promotes and enables portrait video, easier captioning and lets users swipe left or right to access other stories. MTV UK have a new team “...with all video now shot in vertical or square formats to cater to Snapchat and Facebook news-feed environments...” An increasing amount of videos are displaying in a square format but it doesn't mean people aren’t going to be turning their TV’s on their side! We say wide-screen is still be best option in most situations, but if...

Tantrwm – Music to our Ears

Tantrwm: Talent - music to our ears Talent - music to our ears. It's a huge privilege to work with the talented people of the Royal College of Music, London. This institution, packed full of world class talent, asked Tantrwm to create films that showcase the RCM's cutting edge performance science research, and feature their facilities in films for prospective students. We interviewed psychologists, sports coaches and surgeons. Our team have had the opportunity to witness elite musicians and athletes push themselves to the limit. We have listened with awe at virtuoso pianists, violinists, guitarists and singers perform at close-quarters - definitely a perk of the job! We are very proud that The Royal College of Music chose to commission Tantrwm. If you think that...

Tantrwm Newsletter – February 2017

Tantrwm Newsletter - February 2017 We hope you enjoyed January’s Tantrwm Newsletter and that 2017, so far, is AMAZING! If you've been pondering using video for a particular project, are stuck for ideas on how to communicate messages, in an AGM, staff handbook or training programme etc, then our creative team can work their magic, collaborate with you and find the perfect solution. If you are thinking about videoing an event, using mixed screen technology, or broadcasting the action to a global audience live, then our ultra HD robotic cameras allow us to do this without being invasive or distracting. We genuinely feel privileged to work with the quality clients we have come to know. We want you to become one of those clients get...

Tantrwm at Digital 2016

digital splash twitter@xdigital
From the 6th to the 7th of June, Tantrwm were asked to film and live stream Digital 2016 at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport.  Digital 2016 is a conference and exhibition at the forefront of the international digital revolution and Tantrwm were fortunate enough to be able to live stream over 30 hours of the event across the 2 days. Tantrwm worked with Orchard Media to film some of the best thinkers, visionaries and technology head honchos! Setting up our cutting edge live streaming equipment in three different rooms, we broadcast to the world using Panasonic full HD camera, Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, with many people tuning in to watch two days of business networking, enlightening talks and inspiring keynote lectures from some of...

Wales’ Euro 2016 send-off charity dinner

tantrwm Welsh Translation Video Production Cymraeg Fideowales
A few months ago, Tantrwm was very lucky to have the opportunity to film the Wales Football Association's Euro 2016 send-off dinner. The event took place at The Vale Hotel in Cardiff and all of Welsh football's biggest stars were there including Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Ashley Williams. Tantrwm and Orchard Entertainment spent the majority of the day prepping for the event, which included a performance from the Manic Street Preachers, and getting everything sorted before the players and coaches arrived. The charity event was a final farewell to our boys before they travelled to France in preparation for the Euro's. Little did we know that they'd come back as national heroes, changing Welsh football forever. It was great to be part of what now...

Live Event Streaming and Coverage

LiveStreamingProductionSouthWalesLiveStreamingCompanyVideo Production Wales UK Web Design Aberdare Live Streaming Webcasting Film Making
How do you increase your audience at an event without hiring larger expensive venues? Live Streaming! Isn't Live Streaming for large organisations, and costly? No. At Tantrwm, we provide Live Streaming of any size event, and any location. Want to bring the lecture from one person to thousands of people? A day-long, multi-venue conference in one country broadcast to hundreds of countries? Or perhaps a band's full set from a concert to die-hard fans all over the world? Whatever the event, Tantrwm can facilitate a global reach by video streaming online. We work closely with you to find out exactly what you need communicating to your audience, and whether its a free clickable link you're offering, or if your audience need to register contact details...

Prepping for Live Streaming Video at IATEFL 2016

Tantrwm iatefl british council live streaming wales video production aberdare media
Spring is in the air. The sun is returning, the flowers are starting to bloom and at Tantrwm we are 'all hands on deck' getting ready for the live stream production that is the British Council IATEFL conference. Each and every year that Tantrwm have worked on the conference we take things up a gear in terms of kit and quality. The event video team will broadcast three simultaneous live video streams, all of them in full HD. Our live stream experts will make the most of our Black Magic HD studio system to create a temporary TV studio in the Birmingham ICC. This studio will be kitted out with a robotic dolly, full lighting rig, and four remote HD cameras with pan/tilt action. This...

Live Stream Special Offer APRIL 2016

Video Production Wales UK Web Design Aberdare Live Streaming Webcasting FIlm Making
Live Stream you event with Tantrwm! Throughout April 2016 we are offering FREE Video Recording and Live Stream for up to two breakout rooms for every plenary / keynote session booked. This means that the breakout sessions / seminars will be FREE OF CHARGE, enabling you to extend your event’s live coverage without any extra costs. Tantrwm have been live streaming events for over 10 years so have oodles of knowledge and experience in what to expect and what's required. We know that every organisation's needs is as different as the event they have planned, that's why we ensure we ascertain a client brief for every project. Contact us now to reserve this offer. Limited availability.
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