Live-streaming a conference on the future of digital

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Digital 2013 In the Summer of 2013, Tantrwm was tasked with filming and live-streaming the “DIGITAL 2013” event at the Celtic Manor Resort. During the event, key decision makers from across the public and private sectors came together and connected with a view to tackling the technological challenges faced by Welsh educators and businesses in the 21st Century. The keynote presentations were passionate with in-depth analyses about the state of the technology landscape in Wales at the time. The  influential  speakers included Welsh Telecom entrepreneur Sir Terry Matthews,  Radio and TV presenter Maggie Philbin, and the then Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, Jeff Cuthbert AM. The two day event was attended by over 1200 delegates , with discussions that included “The importance of Technology based…

Multi-Camera Shoots: Capturing expertise, making it available online

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Capturing expertise, making it available online Live seminars are an amazing way to develop the skills of your staff, but it is very difficult for delegates to adsorb everything.  There are few opportunities to revisit the lectures and/or discussions from such events. LANTRA hosted a series of events across Wales and needed a method to allow delegates the opportunity to revise what they had learned and understood. Together with Tantrwm it was agreed a multi-camera video shoot was the solution. Tantrwm covered fifteen lectures, capturing some 400 minutes of video footage and subsequently made it all available online, where it can be now watched by anyone they chose. This valuable content now forms part of a CPD programme for the Food and Drink Industry skills…

Live-streaming to help children with Welsh Rugby’s finest.

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Helping children with Welsh Rugby’s finest. Jamie Roberts and Adam Jones are dab hands on a rugby field,  however, they are not so hot in the kitchen! Despite this, they both took part in the Maldron Hotels charity fund-raiser, Celebrity Chef’s night. Tantrwm  live-streamed their antics to show the diners just how challenging these great sports stars found life in the kitchen. The comedy chaos of the kitchen was streamed live to the dining room so the punters could watch their meals being prepared. These events are great fun but they have a more serious side too. In this case, they raised money for children’s charity Ty Hafan. Tantrwm’s live-streaming service is perfect for charity events like this, as it enables the fund-raiser to reach…

Building a strong brand

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Empower Bodybuilding Empower Bodybuilding is a great organisation with plenty going for them. Real expertise, a great team and a clear vision for where they want to go. At the time of contact with Tantrwm they had a desire to build their brand so that more people knew who they were. Together the teams of Tantrwm and Empower began to build the on-line presence, by creating a comprehensive website that is easily up datable. This allows them to add quality content at any time giving the latest and freshest expertise to the world. Tantrwm provided the training and on-going technical support to Empower staff, which leads to the content on their site being posted whenever they need to. Now they have a library of great…

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