Logos – start on paper

Computeraregreat.Welovethem.Butwhenyouarefirstworkingonanideaforalogo,itpaystostartofflow fi.Usingapenandpaperwillallowyoutoconcentrateonyourideaandnotgetdistractedbydropshadowsorfancyeffects.Onceyouhaveyourideadevelopeddraftitonacomputerandtakeitfromthere!
Computers are great. We love them. But when you are first working on an idea for a logo, it pays to go low-fi - start on paper. Using a pen and paper will allow you to concentrate on your idea and not get distracted by drop shadows or fancy effects. Once you have your idea developed, draft it on a computer and take it from there! To find out how we can help with logos, please get in touch.

Take messages like a boss

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Take messages like a boss! When you take a message over the phone don't just take a name and number. Find out what the call is about. Why? A) You might be able to deal with it there and then, which is a much better service than making the customer wait for a call back. B) Even if you can't deal with it yourself, it'll speed things up for the person who ends up dealing with it. Simples. If you would like to know more about running a small business, please get in touch.

Live Stream Special Offer FEBRUARY 2016

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During February 2016 we are offering a very special deal for all our Live Streaming packages. Book more than one day and you will qualify for some amazing savings. Book 2 days filming, and you will get 20% off the total price Book 3 days filming, and you will get 30% off the total price Book 4 days filming, and you will get 40% off the total price Book 5 days filming, and you will get 50% off the total price Simple. Call on 01685 876700 or email us to take advantage of this offer. Reach out globally at a heavily discounted price.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

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Who wants to be a millionaire? [divider] [one_half] We live in a material world. That doesn’t mean you have to be a material girl/boy. When the dreams of so many people seem to be focused on fame and riches, perhaps it is time to find a new ambition. Richness doesn’t have to be measured in monetary terms. You can be rich in friends and family, lead a rich and fulfilling life without having huge amounts of money. This isn’t saying that ‘money doesn’t matter’. The only people who say that are those who have always had enough money! But if you have a enough to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly, then you are blessed. Aim to have a rich…