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Make a list!

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Make a list! If you make a list you'll increase your chances of having a far more productive day and possibly even get everything done that you set out to. Lists are especially useful for making sure that those boring tasks you tend to sweep under the carpet and forget about actually get done. You...

Working with the British Council

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Take a look at some of our work for the British Council Over the years, Tantrwm has provided a number of services for the good people at British Council. For the last 8 years, Tantrwm has live-streamed British Council's flagship IATEFL conference. This year, Tantrwm broadcast three live HD video streams simultaneously, and every year we...

Say yes, not no.

Grey Trees Real Craft Ale Wales Brewery
Say yes, not no! Many of our clients have come from taking on a small job and doing it well. Those little jobs that don't get done by themselves still bring in money and often lead to bigger and more lucrative jobs. Big projects that are exciting and rewarding to work on. This is not...
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