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We still build and host websites

Tantrwm build websites Tantrwm design, build, advise and host. There are plenty of web design companies out there all clambering for the chance to develop your website. We no longer advertise this element of our business even though we still build and host around 40 sites per year. Why don't we advertise? We have a...

Video case studies of dynamic jobs in the food and drink industry

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Careers Wales trusted Tantrwm to make 18 bi-lingual films. Video case studies, on exciting and dynamic jobs in the food and drink industry Research revealed that the public perception of jobs in the food and drink industry didn’t tally with reality.  People didn’t see them as attractive long term careers with opportunities to challenge themselves....

Have a social Christmas

36,000 video views in 24 hrs. Putting our small town on the map! Tantrwm is a small business in a small town in the South Wales valleys. We are passionate about the area we live in and do all that we can to make it a thriving, positive place to be. A bustling and exciting...
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