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Use Flyers to get your message across clearly!

Design for small companies flyers
Need to get an offer across to your customers quickly? Need to get your message spread to a wider audience? A set of professionally made flyers will definitely do the trick. Tantrwm have been producing great looking, informative flyers for many years and have helped promote a lot of local businesses. Tantrwm looks at what makes...

Chainey’s visit to Parliament

Tantrwm Chainey Visit To Parliament
Recently, Andrew Chainey, the company director of Tantrwm, was invited to Westminster to visit the British parliament. Speaking about the experience of rubbing shoulders with the country's top political figures in parliament, he said 'It was bonkers. It was humbling, yet empowering'. Chainey was invited to Parliament as a result of winning a competition as a member of...

Video advertising to communicate with your customers

Video Production Wales UK Web Design Aberdare Live Streaming Webcasting Film Making  IateflLivestreamingIATEFL   videoadvertising
Video Advertising Video Advertising, known as video optimisation cleverly communicates your product to customers. Marketing has changed massively and people look for an answer to their problem by doing their research online before they commit to buying anything. This is where film steps in! With pretty much everyone owning a device that plays video, its the...